Seaward KING

This comfortable room is situated at the back of the house with a garden view. (NB: sea views are from the front which is just a few steps away).

Regarding COVID issues : The room will be deep,deep cleaned between each guests and I keep at least one day free between bookings to air the room.

There is a large Kingsize bed which is very comfortable, with Egyptian Cotton Duvet cover and linen bedding - anti allergy (where possible). There are also extra supportive pillows available in the large cupboard. Should you also need an extra top sheet etc - please ask the owner.

Towels - Either Egyptian Cotton or 100% Cotton - if you need more - just ask the owner.

Dressing Gowns are available upon request.

Bedside tables with drawers, lights and wall clock.

Flat Screen TV with DVD set up on the wall. Good selection of DVD’s and books available to borrow.

Large storage cupboard with lots of hangers/hanging space etc. Plus a chest of drawers, FAN and heater, collapsible suitcase holder, 2 x collapsible chairs and a small collapsible table. You can use these in the garden area as well. Hair dryer and Hot water Bottle. 100% Cotton Dressing Gowns upon request.

There are extra pillows if needed. 

Ask the owner should you need something  else though!

MIDGES and wee beasties: Best to keep the windows closed (locked with a key available close by) otherwise they will invade and may well bite you!  Midges are usually quite small so difficult to see BUT they pack a mighty large bite!   The owner usually has SMIDGE (anti midge spray) available and this can also be purchased from JANS or BOOTS Chemist in Portree.  As Seaward is situated in the countryside, other wee beasties may also try to get inside through open windows or plug holes etc so I also tend to keep upturned beakers over the plug holes as well!

Mirrors: various around the room and in the en suite.

Heating etc: wall mounted oil heater (usually on for half an hour or more during the summer months around 07.30am) Turn it OFF if you prefer no heat though!  Plus there is a Fan/Heater in the cupboard.

FAN and HEATER- available in the cupboard - see above:

Electricity Sockets : various around the room plus Shaver socket 240/110v

HOSPITALITY TRAY: well stocked daily but ask if you need something else. 

FRESH MILK: in the vacuum jug (replenished daily) PLUS extra in the dining room fridge. Just help yourself as needed. 

KETTLE: Cups/saucers, teapot, etc The owner is also happy to provide you with a pot of Fresh brewed coffee from 07:00am to 10:00am and then 4pm to 10pm.

HAIR DRIER: in the chest of drawers inside the cupboard. Should you need straighteners - the owner will have some for you to borrow


Please note there is a SEPTIC TANK - only for used toilet paper, wee and poo - if anything else is disposed of here it might clog up the system! There are bins (including Recycle) in the room and in the en suite.

TOWELS: Lots of Egyptian Cotton Towels (ask if more needed or leave them on the floor if you need to get them dry)

Complimentary toiletries plus extras in the cupboard below the sink.

Shaver socket: 240v and 110v

Wall mounted Heater (should not be required in the summer though!) Plus a wee heater in the cupboard.

Toilet rolls - and sanitary towel bags plus toilet brush which is cleaned and disinfected daily!

Shower unit (cleaned daily) with foot towel (foot towel changed daily) and slip mat if required - Ask the owner to show you how to use the shower should you have issues. The pressure is usually quite good.  The water gets quite hot so beware! If you let the shower run for around 20 seconds - the required temperature will be reached but if you have issues - ask the owner who will show you how it works.

FREE WIFI:   See for details in your room. If you have WiFi issues please advise the owner as the system sometimes needs re booting!

WELCOME PACK AND THINGS TO DO ON SKYE: A Folder will be in your room with lots of information plus more leaflets and brochures/maps etc. Please remember though, if there is anything else that is not included just ask the owner for advice. Cleaned between each new guests arrival.



NO CANDLES ETC to be used anywhere inside Seaward as they can cause a Fire Hazard!

IMPORTANT: Should anyone be found  smoking (or the owner can smell cigarette or vapor smoke in the rooms etc) - the guest(s) will be asked to leave immediately!  

FIRE and ESCAPE:  Either through the FRONT DOOR or out of one of the windows (NB: These should be kept closed and locked - the window key is available in the room).

KEYS:  You will be given a key to lock your room when you go out but the owner will come in to clean and tidy daily - unless asked otherwise.

FRONT DOOR: will be open from 06.30am to 11am and 4:00pm to 11pm daily but should you need access at other times - check with the owner. EG: if the owner has to go into Portree for supplies or for dog walking but they are usually back after midday and by 4:00pm daily.



Seaward King Room
Seaward King Room
Really comfortable King size bed with 100% cotton mostly Egyptian Cotton bedding and anti allergy pillows and duvet etc
Seaward King Room
Seaward King Room
Seaward King
Seaward King en suite
Seaward King en suite
En suite
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