Breakfast Menu


(Lots of Vegetarian Options a/v - Gluten Free and Vegan diets can be provided with prior notice.)

FRESH COFFEE, (eg: Italian, Lavazza, French etc, Hot Chocolate etc

Organic Coffee Alternative (no Caffeine) is also a/v

TEAS (Redbush, Earl Grey, VariousTeas, Mint, Green Tea, Hot choc.

Fresh Fruit Juices: Orange juice etc 

Home made Smoothies: Vary each day.

Skye Tap water is very good and therefore drinkable.

Yogurts - varies daily. Fresh breads and croissants are usually a/v.

Fresh Fruit salad usually a/v Plus Smoothies - vary daily. 

Milk - semi skim plus Oat Milk and Alpro Almond/Soya Milk when a/v

Cereals, (good selection), Porridge, Homemade Granola, Toast, (Brown and white), bread rolls (eg Ciabatta) and croissants (when available) Jams and spreads - vary daily. NB: If possible, homemade bread is also a/v. Plus Homemade puff pastry when I have had time to make this.

Cold meats eg ham and salami, Avocado etc (if a/v) etc and variety of cheeses (varies daily)


(NB: A typical Full English/Scottish) is NOT on offer but there should be something else on the menu or “Specials of the Day” to interest you.                                

Free Range Eggs:  Scrambled, boiled, poached, fried.

Baked beans or tomatoes on toast.

Toasted sandwiches or Tortilla - choice eg cheese, ham etc - varies daily .

Pancakes:French style Crepes or USA style pancakes- these need to be requested the evening before if definitely wanted as they take some time to prepare!

Banana and egg pancakes (Gluten free) these do not need pre ordering.

Omelettes: Cheese, vegetables, Ham and cheese, peppers and onions etc

Tofu scramble.

Shakshuka - spicy tomato, onion and peppers, harissa, cheese and topped with eggs either poached or fried and served with bread (ciabatta if a/v)

Avocado (either guacamole style) or sliced on toast with eggs etc.

**** If there is something else you might like that is not above: - please ask and if possible it will be provided. 

Please Note : The owner does NOT usually offer bacon/sausages but offers cold meats or smoked salmon when a/v. Having said that - sometimes Vegetarian Sausages and UNsmoked Bacon are available and these would be cooked in the oven/grill. The owner tries not to fry food (apart from eggs) but if so pure olive, vegetable or coconut oil is used. Should you like eg a bacon sandwich, I usually keep some bacon in the freezer so ask the night before and I can de-frost it for the following day.

You do not need to order the evening before UNLESS you fancy something specific that might need to be prepared. However, please advise what TIME you would like breakfast and also whether you would like tea (selection a/v), fresh coffee, etc etc.

Home Made Cakes and Fresh coffee or tea are usually available for after you arrive and can be taken in the dining room which is available for your use at all times: 

Examples: Polenta, lemon and Ground Almond cake; Banana Cakes with chocolate, dates and apples etc; Lemon,Orange, Chocolate Cakes, Muffins (various), Cheese Straws, Flapjacks, lemon or chocolate brownies etc - These all vary daily and are home made.

PLEASE NOTE: Allergies: Beware as nuts, gluten etc are used.  If you have allergy issues - please advise the owner before arriving and if possible alternatives, if a/v, and sourced locally will be provided.

You will not go hungry - often guests say that the breakfast they had here kept them going until supper time!


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